Travel: The Railway Museum Mulhouse and Notre Dame in Paris

Alsace Attractions presenting the Railway Museum Mulhouse

Anyone traveling in Alsace will encounter many sights. Although, the place in particular is known as a romantic border region between Germany and France, it is popular also with many other things. Culinary specialties, for example. Technology fans also can come on a visit in Alsace.

The Railway Museum, Mulhouse, Cite du Train takes visitors on a journey through the history of locomotion on tracks around the world. On a large area here, you can find more than 100 exhibits of railway history.

Visit and learn more about this country.

In addition, including real treasures. Almost all models of driven by the French national railway SNCF locomotives are presented here. From the early days of steam locomotives to the TGV, the French high-speed train, which goes to German stations also, here is the variety of locomotives and train parts are issued. The special thing about this museum is that it does not remain as in many other art museums purely at the presentation of the exhibits.

In many interactive exhibits, visitors in German, English and French are informed about exciting details of the railways. Many of the trains on the railway museum Mulhouse are tangible and can be entered by visitors, a feature which not many Alsace attractions. Museum is modern created and designed particularly to meet the needs of visitors with children and families.

Anyone who wants to discover this particular beauty in the Alsace region of interest, the dear takes half a day. For 10 euros an adult comes in the collection, children € 8:50. The museum is open all year round 10 to 17 clock and can be reached conveniently well connected by bus or tram from the city centre of Mulhouse.

Notre Dame in Paris

Notre Dame de Paris is a cathedral in Paris, home to the Archdiocese. Notre Dame was built in the years 1163-1345. Notre Dame is a Gothic church building and thus the last and largest gallery church of France.

Is found to Notre Dame de Paris in the heart of Paris on the Seine Island. The exact address is Ile de la Cite and precisely in the fourth Arrondissement of Paris.

The towers are 69 meters from Notre Dame. In the two towers Total hang five bells. In the south tower to find the bell Emmanuel, which should be 13 tons. The bell rings but only at the highest holidays such as Easter, Christmas or Pentecost. Moreover, at the death of Pope or other special occasions. The remaining 4 bells are found in the North Tower.


The Maldive islands!!!

The Maldive islands are situated in the Indian Ocean, about 700 km south-west from Sri Lanka and 400 km south-west from India. Today the former British colony is one of the most famous vacation destinations.

Maldivian sandy beaches, crystal water, exotic nature and complete calmness will enchant you. At this place everybody is able to relax totally. Local people try to fulfill all tourists’ wishes and offer broad ranch of services.

There are plenty of sport activities that each client can take advantage of. The Maldives are one of the best diving destinations globally. The abundance of marine species will make you feel uniquely under the water. Each resort has its private diving centre. Also, there are professional instructors that can help the beginners with their initial diving experience. The water is 27 degrees all the time and its transparency reaches 50m. Windsurfing is very popular as well. More and more people become addicts to this sport. It is quite dangerous but if you are responsible and do it in the guarded areas there will be no problems.

There are many short excursions offered on the islands: to the capital Mal? or to some of the uninhabitable islands around. The local hotels are amazing but it is a good idea getting to know the locality and its typical features. For instance, at the opulent restaurants can offer you delicious meals, but the local food you can try within the local reality. It could be really strange for you to see that the Maldivian are poor and live hard.

The 5-star resort cannot show you the Maldivian reality. May be few people really want to know what this reality is. Most tourists are tired from their personal lifestyle and go to the Maldive islands to relax and forget about the problems. If you are one of these people, enjoy your vacation and do not feel obliged to explore the local culture. The luxury hotels are built for you – the person who seeks calmness.

Local people are specialized in the service sector. Many women can offer you a unique massage at a reasonable price. Take advantage of it!

The Maldive islands, their nature and highly developed tourist services will lead you to the Earth paradise. You will feel free and relaxed, happy and satisfied there. Enjoy!