Destination Switzerland – Engstligenalp Adelboden for nature lovers

Among the most impressive sights, Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the beautiful Engstligenalp, which is located at the foot of the very wild commotion, a mountain range in the Bernese Alps. The scenic and great summer climbing area south of the EngstligenalpAdelboden offers fantastic walks in the alluvial areas and cultural landscapes of the region.

In addition to hiking, Engstligenalp has a 2.5 km long barrier-free loop trail, which is not only suitable for families with children, including stroller, but also for the elderly and wheelchair users. Thus, every nature lovers can explore the fascinating landscape of these remarkable Switzerland landmarks with its unique flora and fauna of this unique flat trail in Switzerland.

Around the large plateaus Engstligenalp one discovers, however, only on second glance, the numerous climbing areas, which also belong to the Switzerland tourist attractions.

The incomparably beautiful mountain plateau Engstligenalp is located at 2000 m above sea level. M. high above the village of Adelboden and is a popular starting point for hiking, mountain walks or a long walk to the imposing waterfalls that not only hikers delight locals are overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the mighty Engstligen, the rumbling and roaring in the repeatedly plunge depth.

After only about 10-15 minute walk, which starts at the valley station of the cable cars Engstligenalp. Near Adelboden are the most beautiful waterfalls in the Bernese Oberland and the particular Switzerland are achieved landmarks – the mighty Engstligen, which offer a fascinating spectacle to the viewer. The Engstligen in all its beauty, visitors can also experience during a hike on the Engstligenalp, which leads up to the Switzerland attractions by steep cliffs. However, on a trip on the cable car already sees the visitor dreamlike Engstligen.

Here not only in the warm season is ideal for a stay. The region around Adelboden also attracts many winter holiday guests in the Engstligenalp, which is one of the most popular winter sport regions in Switzerland. Next to a ski lift, two baby lifts and three ski lifts and slopes of varying difficulty are offered. Here all winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy the artificial igloos.